Victoria’s Secrets

November is coming to a close, and it has been about a month since I last posted something. So, I figured I would play a game of catch up. This past month, I have been inspired by so many places, people, and trends. Well, no more secrets! Here is my tell all on all things fashion.

1. My sexiest WCW is:

Christina Aguilera


Photo from

2. If I was dorming, I would wear:

this ‘Cuse Crew Neck.

Cuse Crew Neck

3. My runway worthy OOTD is:

the little black dress I wore for this year’s Homecoming.

homecoming dress

4. My favorite PINK items are:

my pink laces and pink bow.


5. In my dreams, I could afford:

this Anise Dress from the Reformation ($198)


Picture from

6. Love! Love! Love! The last compliment I gave was:

to my friend, Jen. She looked cozy in her flannel but added an edge with her combat boots.


Enough about me! TAG! You’re it. I want to hear about you and your fashion secrets. I am especially excited to hear from these ladies: