Falling into Fall Fashion

Life has kept me pretty busy lately, but I am so thankful to have had this day to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather with my friends and family. Today, I brought out my cozy cardigan, and judging from this weather, there will be plenty more cozy cardigans to come. Stay tuned for more fall features!







Slowly, but surely, I am turning into a city girl. It was only a year ago that I couldn’t walk through the streets of NY without holding on to my mom’s arm. Everything seemed so overwhelming. There were too many people, people that walked too fast. There were too many street signs. The grounds were stained with gum, and the air felt heavy. I don’t know how NYC did it, but it put me under its spell. I love the adrenaline of racing against the city’s time. I love people watching. I love the energy of the subway. With a tip or not, entertainers never fail to put on a show. I’ve learned to put my guard down and act like a sponge. I absorb the people, the culture, the fashion. I take it all in. The transportation system still puzzles me, but it’ll grow on me. Yesterday, I spent the day in Chinatown with the family. My mission: to buy a handbag. Indeed, I bought one, but I managed to pick up a few other things along the way.

The first order of business: my bag

Let me tell you…choosing this bag was an all day event because in Chinatown, if you walk into a store with twenty bags, there’s a good chance that the store next door has thirty. Then, there’s the shady people standing at the street corners that have a whole book of choices. Personally, I tried to stay away from those because I learned pretty quickly that they will do anything to make a sale. One lady followed us a whole block after we rejected her offer. Talk about being persistent! Anyways,  I’m a pretty indecisive shopper as it is, so you can only imagine how long it took me to decide on this beauty. I had actually seen it in a couple of the stores, but I made sure to look at all my options before buying it. Besides the fact that my Godmother was able to get a great deal, there is so much to love about this purchase! First of all, this rich caramel shade is to die for. It’s a vibrant color that can be worn all year round. Yes! Versatility, ladies… That’s what life’s all about. Ok, second: can we just take a moment to admire the detailing on the sides? Its beautiful crochet pattern gives the bag an organic touch. Now, what really sold me on this bag is the fact that it gets bigger, a lot bigger. Look at the bottom of the bag. See those two zippers? They can be undone, and when they are, they unveil a complete second layer of material. Its design is simple and practical. What more could I ask for?

No, I am not a Heat fan, but my boyfriend is. I bought this for his birthday…that was about three weeks ago. I know I’m late, but I had good intentions. His original present was a scrapbook, but because it has been taking me so long to get it done, I figured I’d give him this for the meanwhile. What really drew me to this sweater was its rustic print. I always like clothes with character. Think of a time when you bought a new pair of shoes. Didn’t they look nicer when the laces were a little torn, and the heal had some dirt on it?

Before you call me a tourist, hear me out. I am moving into another bedroom, my dad’s old office to be exact. It has been painted a Tiffany blue. I’ll post pictures when it’s complete. It took me some time to figure out what the theme of my room would be. It was only a week ago when the idea finally hit me: International Fashion. My mom found a comforter at Bed, Bath, and Beyond that has all the major cities on it, like London, NYC, Paris, etc. You should also know that I have an organization problem. My room, the one I am currently sleeping in, currently does not have a visible floor. There are papers and clothes all over the place. Hopefully, I won’t bring the mess to the new room. When I saw this cup, I thought it would be perfect to sit on my desk and hold pens and pencils. It’s cute and cheap. Case closed.

I bought one more thing, and it is another decoration for my new room. I came across a table of posters. These four were the first ones that caught my eye, and immediately, I thought of my room. I think my mom did too, and we did not have to think twice before buying them. I’m not sure where I will put them. Maybe above my desk? We’ll see.

Hope you enjoyed my Chinatown haul! Looking back on my purchases, I am really pleased. It goes to show that when you are in the city, you have to keep your eyes and mind open because you never know what you might find! If you really want to live an adventure, make everywhere your Chinatown. Life is full of surprises…