I Want My 90’s back

or the early 2000’s for that matter. During my winter break there was much popcorn and corny movie watching involved. It was about three in the morning, and I knew my eyes were not doing any shutting any time soon. I came across the movie “Coyote Ugly”, released in the year 2000, starring Piper Perabo, and my new #mcm, Adam Garcia. Let me just say, next time I come across the typical ice breaker “What is your favorite movie?” I will be sure to have an answer. It got to the point where while I was watching the movie, I was already squealing to my boyfriend about how it was going to be my favorite movie. I think what really won me over was the reappearance of the choker. Hence, I have declared…I want my 90s back (or its fashion at least).

Coyote Ugly Barettes

Picture Source: Tumblr

Remember when we didn’t wear pre-wrap to keep our hair out of faces? We wore barrettes.

Coyote Ugly Crop Tops

Picture Source: Tumblr

Above, Piper Perabo’s character, Violet, is stripped of her fabric and introduced to the crop top.

Coyote Ugly Leopard Pants

Picture Source: Tumblr

There’s Violet again; this time, looking a little more confident in animal print.

Coyote Ugly chokers

Picture Source: Tumblr

I spy with my little eyes, two chokers and three coyotes.

Coyote Ugly Fringe

Picture Source: Tumblr

You know you are in the 90s when you see fringe.


My Childhood Lookbook

I give my mother much credit for the way I dressed when I was younger. Many of the outfits I wore are on trend today. From friends and family, I hear many stories about bad haircuts and poofy dresses that haunt childhood memories. I can relate to the “dress fiasco”. I never liked dresses when I was younger. I cried and cried, but my mom was persistent, and so these pictures happened.

This was one of the rare occasions in which I didn’t cry. Don’t confuse the floral headband for a halo.

I don’t know if you would consider this animal print, but I do. That lion shirt looks pretty fierce to me!

Collared shirts look classy on any girl, but as for a Mickey Mouse collared shirt…that is classy taken to another level.

Red and yellow seem to have been my mother’s favorite colors at the time. Knowing her, this was coordinated.

My t-shirt might not match my expression in this picture, but those stripes go perfectly with Summer ’13.

I like to call this “The Diva Moment”. I had the wind in my hair, round shades over my eyes, and pink overalls hanging loose.

I must say that finding this album of “baby” pictures has struck a chord with me. All my outfits amuse me, but I’ve come to realize that my favorite accessory is my smile. As I’ve gotten older, I have come upon reasons to not smile. I’m sure we all have. Everyone feels heartbroken at one point or another, but everyone has their share of blessings. Its up to us to recognize them, and when we do, what more is there to do but smile.